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A Board member's job is tough and at times thankless. Serving on the board is no cake walk and certainly not an ego rush. Board members spend countless hours of personal time doing the necessary work for a co-op to operate responsibly and successfully.

A good board member must be willing to do his or her homework, understand the issues and offer sober reflection on the process which often moves slower than some would like. Too quick to judgment and a "shoot from the hip" style will make it very difficult for any board member to achieve his or her objectives.

A board member is one who deals effectively with shareholders, residents, rent stabilized tenants and employees of the corporation at all levels. Board members generally come through the committee system.

Choosing the right board member should never be a popularity contest, but rather, should be a decision based upon what the individual brings to the table at a specific point in time.

Effective Board members must have the proper temperament & know how to build consensus and be able to manage the many issues that face a co-op on a daily basis. An effective board member must be able to prioritize issues by picking and choosing those issues he or she believes is important to the co-op. Make no mistake about it, there are hundreds of issues that exist and always seem to need immediate attention, all of which will compete for each board member's attention.

Board members and committee volunteers receive no pay and volunteer their time on behalf of our community. The only compensation they earn is the sense of civic pride they receive when they walk through Glen Oaks Village.

We have assembled a first rate management and maintenance staff here at Glen Oaks. Without the staff working closely with the board implementing its policies and procedures, we would never be able to achieve the goals that we had set out for ourselves.

Introducing your Board of Directors…

President & CFO

- Chairman of Maintenance Committee

- Chairman of Finance/Budget Committee

- Co-Chair of Personnel Committee

Bob Friedrich serves as President and CFO of the co-op, and is an accountant by trade. His leadership has been instrumental in transforming Glen Oaks Village into one of Queens' most professionally run and financially sound housing developments. As a hands-on member of the board of directors, his brand of innovative pro-growth leadership has uniquely expanded choices for shareholders and achieved many milestones:

1. Conceived and negotiated the takeover of ownership and control from banking regulatory agencies of more than 500 rent-stabilized apartments and placed them under GOVO ownership, adding a considerable resource that provides strong economic growth potential and secure and stable fiscal health for the benefit of all Glen Oaks residents.

2. Created an onsite self-management organization to replace offsite corporate management, improving response to residents' requests while reducing the costs of service.

3. Brought financial expertise and high levels of transparency and accountability to the co-op management team.

4. Created Glen Oaks Village's first professional newsletter and website carrying in-depth information and co-op news.

5. Spearheaded the Value-Added Programs that actively encourage shareholders to make improvements to their apartments, by facilitating the building of decks, terraces, private entrances and townhouse dormers.

6. More choices, more property rights. Led and won a 3-year effort navigating through NYC agencies to win a groundbreaking zoning variance that maximizes shareholders' property rights and living options. Conceived and implemented creative Townhouse Dormers and Basement Conversions which are unprecedented in other co-op housing developments. This enables shareholders to stay in the community and expand their homes as their family grows, spending a fraction of the cost of a new home purchase.

7. Established objective procedures to measure staff performance. Designed new quality-control mechanisms to monitor and optimize workmanship of outside contractors.

8. Built close, powerful working relationships with locally elected legislators, nearby cooperatives and surrounding community civic associations. Created the Presidents' Co-Op Council in 2005 as a networking think tank aimed at enhancing shareholders' and residents' choices and quality of life.

The success of these economic-growth initiatives can be objectively measured. The residents of Glen Oaks have voted their approval with their pocketbooks, by making more than $5 million in value-added improvements, both exterior and interior, and keeping owner-occupancy rates consistently high.

Bob's objective and overall mission has always been to raise the standards by which all successful cooperatives are measured.

Roseann Ciaccio (2/96)
Vice President

- Co-Chairman of Personnel Committee
- Co-Chair of Green Thumb Committee
- Member of Maintenance committee
- Member of Mediation Services Committee
- Member of the Finance/Budget Committee

You won't find a harder working, more dedicated mom and civic minded individual than Roseann Ciaccio who brings a dynamic personality to the table. Roseann works closely with the President and General Manager and reviews and approves the bills of the co-op month after month as part of our corporate oversight function. Roseann is one of the hardest working board members and is a civics lesson in real time.

Carol Carucci (5/97)

- Co-Chair of Green Thumb Committee
- Co-Chair of Real Estate Committee
- Member of Maintenance Committee
- Member of Personnel Committee

Carol is primarily responsible for our successful apartment renovation and sales program. She works very hard with the staff seeking to maximize our apartment sale prices. Carol and Roseann work extensively with our Groundskeeping Manager on the many landscape issues and numerous residential requests for flowers, shrubbery, spigots, lawn furniture, green thumb vouchers, etc. that are made.

Lee Feinman (10/89)

- Chairman of Mediation Services Committee
- Co-Chair of Real Estate Committee
- Co-Chair of Admissions Committee
- Member of Admissions Committee
- Member of House Rules Committee

Experience is an important commodity for any successful business. Lee has had 20+ plus years experience in sales, management and administration in the banking and insurance industry. Glen Oaks Village has benefited from this experience and Lee has been a contributing member of our board of directors since 1989.

Lee is responsible for the creation of the mortgage, resale and sublet division and developed the financial guidelines for prospective purchasers and sublets. He assumed a leadership role in the creation and growth of the Real Estate Committee. Additionally, he oversees daily operations of the resident application review process. Lee played a key role in the restructuring and updating of the original house rules and developed the framework for the Admissions Package, including the Interview questions and administrative functions. Lee interviews prospective residents of Glen Oaks Village on a weekly basis.

Christine Bergen (9/97)

- Co-Chair of Admissions Committee
- Member of Green Thumb Committee

Christine is an all around board member and one of the hardest working ones at that. As chairperson of the Admissions Committee which meets once a week all year long, Christine is in the forefront of keeping close eyes on the welcome mat of Glen Oaks Village. Christine has lived in Glen Oaks for many years and is an extraordinarily fair minded individual and huge supporter of our value added improvement program.

Sandra Draves (6/16)

- Member of Maintenance Committee
- Member of Admissions Committee

As a lifelong volunteer, Sandra brings energy and passion to the GOVO Board of Directors. With over a quarter century of law enforcement experience, she is especially diligent when it comes to all things having to do with safety and security. Such a background enables her to collaborate easily with the surrounding agencies including the local precinct increasing communication to address matters in a timely manner.

Sandra's priority is improving the quality of life for all GOVO residents in a fair and consistent way. While even tempered she can also be a very strong advocate for what is right and fair for all or both parties involved when mediating situations building a consensus. Her thoughtfulness has won over many of her neighbors in and around her courtyard.

Mitch Jaret (5/06)

- Member of Finance/Budget Committee

Mitch was born and raised in the area. He has a diverse background in the Public and Private sectors with extensive experience in Purchasing, Management, Sales, Budgeting and Computer Science spanning over twenty years. He is bottom line oriented and at all times looks out for the best interests of Glen Oaks Village and its Shareholders.

His broad based business knowledge and long standing community ties brings another perspective to the Board of Directors of Glen Oaks Village.

Justin Conklin (6/07)

In my time on the Glen Oaks Village Owners Inc.’ Board of Directors, I have been involved in many aspects of the Co-op. Listed below are some of the subjects that I have conceived and/or spearheaded into actuality. Without the partnership with GOVO Management and my fellow Board Members, these concepts would have remained just “concepts”. I look forward to making the conceptual projects listed below spawn into real amenities that we can all benefit from. We all benefit from making sure Glen Oaks Village stays number 1 on the list of garden co-ops in the area. If you have any refinements or new ideas that would benefit our quality of life, please send them to Just because you are not one of the 9 members of the Board of Directors, it does not mean you do not have a say! Board Members are Shareholders just like you. In the end, the only benefit that we have is that we have a direct line to our staff. Personally, I believe that If you are going to talk about it, then be about it -- Make a call, send an email and make a difference.

  • Liaison for all GOVO Security Matters; I read all Security reports on a daily basis.
  • GOVO Security Car Signage; new 2010 graphics have been completed.
  • GOVO Information Signage; adding new signs where necessary.
  • GOVO-Hosted Movies; an idea I had in summer of 2008 that Bob Friedrich made a reality for us all to enjoy.
  • Revitalized GOVO Pet Committee with Lee Feinman; working with management and residents on all pet issues.
  • Dog Run. I found a large local field near Section I that is currently unused. Bob Friedrich is working with the NYC Parks Department to make the idea of a dog run a reality (work in progress).
  • Recreation Space, including Skate Park. There is enough land in Glen Oaks Village to accommodate recreation for people and dogs alike. Bob Friedrich and I will work together on this project once the NYC Parks Department approves the land usage (work in progress).
  • Reconditioning our GOVO Playgrounds; ongoing project starting in spring 2010.

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