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Resident volunteers who serve on our committees deserve a hardy thank you for the hard work, dedication, time and effort they continue to give us year after year. Also, a special thank you is in order for the spouses of our committee volunteers and our board members for sharing them with us. Without the support of the spouses the successes we have achieved throughout the years would never have been possible.

ADMISSIONS (click here to ask a question)
Chairperson: Christine Bergen
This committee meets weekly all year long and stands at the front lines of Glen Oaks Village and is the "workhorse" of all committees.

MAINTENANCE (click here to ask a question)
Chairman: Bob Friedrich
This committee meets monthly and was created many years ago by Bob Friedrich. The committee seeks to find solutions to maintenance related issues and problems. It also develops long term capital improvement programs and monitors the quality of internal and outside workmanship. This committee is made up of board members, staff members and residents of the community.

FINANCE/BUDGET (click here to ask a question)
Chairman: Bob Friedrich
This committee meets at least once a year to develop the budget for the new year. The committee reviews all spending and revenue and works with the management and maintenance staff to insure that funding levels are appropriate. This committee will also determine the monthly maintenance that is required to properly fund the operations of the co-op. Their recommendations are presented to the Board of Directors who will accept them or make modifications to the budget.

HOUSE RULES (click here to ask a question)
Chairperson: Lisa Maruilli
The house rules committee meets annually to update the co-op rules and regulations. The committee works diligently each year crafting a set of house rules that honestly tries to seek a balance between reasonable rules that allow people to fully enjoy our property and over reaching rules and that make such enjoyment difficult. This committee seeks to find that proper balance. The committee is a partner in our Capital Improvement Program and seeks to encourage shareholders to make Value Added Improvements through house rules that encourage such types of investments.

MEDIATION SERVICES (click here to ask a question)
Chairman: Lee Feinman
The mediation services committee seeks to resolve problems between neighbors before they escalate. It is a tough and thankless job, but "somebody has to do it". The committee meets with all parties and tries to engage them in conversation and help find common ground and compromise in order to abate or minimize the problems.

PERSONNEL (click here to ask a question)
Chairman: Bob Friedrich
This committee comprises only board members and meets periodically to review and assess employee performance. This committee also makes salary and bonus recommendations to the board of directors.

REAL ESTATE (click here to ask a question)
Chairperson: Carol Carucci
This committee deals with all issues and aspects of our apartment renovation and sales program. The co-op owns numerous apartments and when they become available for sale they are reviewed, renovated and priced accordingly. The objective of this committee is to raise property values and provide modern and beautiful apartments to new residents.

GREEN THUMB (click here to ask a question)
Chairperson: Roseann Ciaccio & Carol Carucci
This committee monitors all components of our landscaping including staff and the Green Thumb Voucher Program. This program has been hugely successful in beautifying our community every spring.

WEBSITE (click here to ask a question)
Chairman: Doug Vigo
This committee deals exclusively with the development and maintenance of our community website.


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