Glen Oaks Village Residents

Laundry Room Information for Glen Oaks Residents

We have recently renovated our Laundry Rooms and invite you to stop by one of our 4 rear locations:

Laundry Room #1     247-74 77th Crescent
Laundry Room #2     74-12 255th Street
Laundry Room #3     73-68 260th Street
Laundry Room #4     260-44 Langston Avenue

ACES LAUNDRY SERVICE, LLC is the vendor that manages our Laundry Rooms. All machines are coinless and use debit, credit or "loyalty" cards (that can be replenished with a credit card or check). Each room also has Wi-Fi. A Laundry App is now available for Glen Oaks Village Laundry Rooms which will allow you to re-start your machine, see machine availability, give you end-of-cycle notification, allow you to manage your loyalty card and more. Click here for the Laundry Room App for more information.

Are you new in the area? It's a great way to meet your Neighbors.

Come by and do a wash today!!!

All Laundry Rooms are open 7 days a week, from 6 AM to 10 PM.


Glen Oaks! Fine Folks!


70-33 260th Street Glen Oaks, NY 11004 718-347-2337
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