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At 10:05 AM Tuesday November 15th the New York City Board of Standards and Appeals voted unanimously to grant our variance for 3rd floor dormers. This has been a long journey and hard won battle. In addition to the time and effort that was put in by myself, the board of directors and staff we have spent $50,000 achieving this success. This money will be recouped by a special alteration agreement charge for shareholders submitting alteration agreements to construct dormers.

The board of directors believes that this may be the beginning of a new chapter in Glen Oaks Village by giving 2nd floor shareholders another option for space rather than moving to the suburbs. The board has not forgotten about ground floor shareholders and will allow basement additions to their units if the basement below the unit is suitable.

Although we have now been approved by the City, all dormer filings must also be approved by the board and construction cannot begin without written authorization from the board of directors. We have implemented new rules and procedures that cover dormers and basement additions and have put together a short pamphlet called "About Dormers" and “About Basement Additions”. This can be found online on our website or at the management office.

In the early spring we will set up a meeting with shareholders looking to construct dormers. We will have our architect, management staff and board members at this meeting to discuss this topic. All shareholders of Glen Oaks Village will be advised of this meeting and are invited to attend.

We should all congratulate ourselves for another co-op victory!

Bob Friedrich-


Glen Oaks Village Owners, Inc.


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